Frequently Asked Questions

Getting this far often raises many questions. In our FAQ Raja Ampat list, we have summarized all the questions our customers have asked us over the years. Here you can get an overview of all important information such as Information about the travel formalities, what you should know on your first trip on Raja Ampat or Indonesian and much more.

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Where is Raja Ampat Dive Lodge?

Raja Ampat Dive Lodge is at Latitude -0.5761 and Longitude 130.6143 in Mansuar Island.

Raja Ampat Conservation Fee

It is IDR 700,000 (US$ 65) per person (subject to change). We may assist you to settling the fee by sending us passport holder's name, passport number, and nationality.

What Time Zone is Raja Ampat Located In?

Eastern Indonesian Time or Waktu Indonesia Timur (WIT) is UTC + 9.

What is the Local Currency?

The rupiah (Rp) / Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) is the official currency of Indonesia.

Any phone signal?

Yes, we have a phone signal on the island, but it is not always good. The best operator for the area is Telkomsel.

Do you have electricity in the resort?

 Yes, we do provide 24 hours electricity in the resort.

Accept payment by Credit Card?

We accept Visa, Mastercard and Amex without any fee. But due to credit card machine depend on the network, we are highly recommend you also bring cash.

Is There Internet Access?

Yes, Raja Ampat Dive Lodge provide complimentary Wi-Fi.

My log dive is less than 50

Diving in Raja Ampat will be more enjoyable for diver with at least 50 dive logs, due to many dive sites are having quite a strong current. We are happy to accommodate your diving request, however we need you to agree that the sites chosen will be based on your skill which will be judged by our guides during the first dive.

Early flight departure?

We highly recommend you to be ready join boat transfer to Waisai at 7 AM to catch ferry scheduled at 9 AM. Kindly reconfirm with reception during your stay. From Raja Ampat Dive Lodge in Mansuar Island to Waisai is by speed boat which takes 30 – 45 minutes. Should your flight earlier than the above time schedule, we suggest you to have overnight in Sorong prior to your departure flight date.

Is there Malaria in Raja Ampat?

Although malaria transmission rates are currently low in the Raja Ampat islands, wearing repellant and appropriate clothing to avoid bites is a must and anti-malarial medications are recommended. Doxycycline is often recommended as a good antimalarial and has the advantage of also providing protection against certain other bacterial infections, but you should definitely consult a professional for current recommendations before making a decision about malaria prophylaxis.


Nitrox is available on request with additional charge.

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