Wonderful Piaynemo “Mini Wayag” and Arborek Village



DURASI 7 hours


Piaynemo also known as Panemu is a place name in Fam archipelago, a cluster of small coral islands surrounded by clear water, hills covered by green vegetation. Travellers can do trekking at one of the hills and enjoy a very spectacular.

After enjoying our breakfast at the resort, we will start the journey to Piaynemo Island, an Icon of Raja Ampat marine park The trip will take around one hour depending on sea condition. Here we will have a chance to climb to one of the hilltp and witness the wonderful Piaynemo.

The hike up to the hilltop is not too difficult because there are wooden stairs. With approximately three hundred staircases leading to the top. We then continue our journey to the village of Arborek, a lovely island fringed with powderwhite sand and coconut palm trees.

Arborek is also famous for its handicraft: Hatsor - the noken bag. We will enjoy our lunch on their jetty and it is decorated with abundant fish life. We will have some time to explore the island and see the activities of the local people of buying the handicraft.

Arborek is also one of the best site for diving on Raja Ampat. The reef around the island slopes combines colorful coral heads with patches of and and rubble. There is opportunity for snorkling.

*Rate is for per person

Catatan Perjalanan

  • The hike to the top platform is around 20 minutes depending on the person conditions.
  • Please be careful as the wooden stairs sometimes slipery when it is wet.
  • Current can be swift at Arborek.



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