Support Travel Destinations, Raja Ampat Ring Road As far as 342 Kilometers Will Be Finalized Soon

April 24, 2018

The Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) is gradually completing the construction of the Raja Ampat ring road which has a total length of 342 kilometers. Reporting from, the Raja Ampat ring road consists of 2 sections, namely the Raja Ampat Outer Ring segment of 314.39 km and the Waisai Ring segment of 27.61 km Of the total length of 342 km, the condition of the Raja Ampat ring road which has been paved 37.45 km, aggregate along 97.75 km, and the remaining 206.8 km not yet open. The construction of the Raja Ampat ring road was constrained because it crossed the 113.6 km nature reserve area, precisely on the Kabare-Kapadri-Wayai section (93.6 km) and the Wayai-Warsambin-Kabare section (20 km).

During the 2015-2018 period, the Ministry of PUPR carried out the handling of the 112.9 km Raja Ampat Outer Ring, which included preservation work, road construction, road structure improvement and construction of the Warsawai Bridge (10 meters) and Waimir Bridge (10 meters). Meanwhile in 2019. the Directorate General of Highways has budgeted Rp 183.1 billion for handling the Raja Ampat ring segment. The budget is used for the preservation work of the 6.15 km Waisai-Marinda Airport road and routine maintenance of the bridges on that section. Minister of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) Basuki Hadimuljono said the availability of road infrastructure with steady conditions will increase the acceleration of the development of local tourist destinations and make it easier for tourists to reach tourist sites.

"Improved road access will support the economy of the community in the tourist area," said Minister Basuki reported from Previously the Ministry of PUPR had repaired the Port of Waisai on Waigeo Island which was the entrance to tourist destinations in Raja Ampat Regency. Also structured in the tourist area, one of which is on Piaynemo Hill by building stairs to the top of the hill, souvenir stalls, substations of view, rest areas, and mooring floating boats and wooden boats. In Piaynemo Hill 320 children were also built, which made it easier for tourists to reach the top of the hill with a time of about 20 minutes. The budget for the development of the hand child is Rp. 19.9 billion from the 2018 State Budget.


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