Knowing Raja Ampat

27 January, 2020

Raja Ampat Regency is one of the districts in West Papua Province which is located in the west. Regency. Raja Ampat is a division of Kab. Sorong based on Law Number 26 of 2002, consists of 10 districts and 85 districts. These islands play an important role as an area directly adjacent to foreign territories. Fani Island is located at the northernmost end of the Raja Ampat Islands series, directly adjacent to the Republic of Palau. In summary the following statistical data Kab. Raja Ampat:

Legal Basis: RI Law Number 26 Year 2002

Location: Papua Island

Size: 67,379.6 square kilometers

Number of districts: 24 districts

Number of inhabitants: 47,885 inhabitants



Geographically, the boundaries of the Raja Ampat Regency include: Northern boundary: Pacific Ocean and Republic of Palau Southern boundary: Sorong City and Sorong Regency Eastern boundary: Seram Utama Regency Western boundary: Seram Sea Raja Ampat Regency has a total area of ​​67,379.6 square kilometers with a total land area of ​​7,559.6 square kilometers. Kab. Central government district. Raja Ampat is in the Waisai City District about 70 kilometers from Sorong City. Raja Ampat is now divided into 24 districts on 4 large islands namely Waigeo Island, Batanta Island, Salawati Island and Misool Island and consists of 600 small islands. The largest area is West Waigeo District, around 12.98 percent of the total area. The smallest area is Mayalibit Tiplol District, only 0.44 percent of the total area of ​​Raja Ampat. Most of the population in Kab. Raja Ampat lives in coastal areas. Seen from the topography of the area where as many as 107 villages are coastal villages. While 14 non-coastal villages are located in the west.



Climate conditions Kab. Raja Ampat can be seen from the following summary: Average temperature of 27.2 degrees celsius Rainy day 250 days Rainfall 2,511 cubic millimeters Average air pressure 1,008.9 millibars Average humidity of 87 percent The lowest rainfall occurs during the Month September is 102 cubic millimeters. The lowest minimum air temperatures occur in August and October while the highest maximum air temperatures occur in January and September.

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