Kabui Bay Nature Tours



DURATION 7 hours


Kabui bay is located between Waigeo and Gam Island. It is has dozens of scattered beautiful coral islands with variety of sizes. Upon arrival in Waigeo, we will witness an ancient cave paintings. There are still many opinions about when they were made.

Then the speedboat will continues the trip to Kabui Bay. At the beginning of the bay, we will pass a gap between Waigeo and Gam islands known as The Passage, the gap is a fast flowing shallow clear waters like a river and lead to the Halmahera Sea. Here we can see coral reefs from the surface. The speedboat usually slow down in this area and we have a chance to admire the surrounding.

The passage is 20 to 40 metres wide and reach maximum depth of 15 metres.

Arrive at the heart of Kabui Bay, with it's fascinating nature beauty. Kabui bay landscape consists of toweing karst cliffs and green vegetation. Hundreds of small islands about the size of a terraced house as if protruding from the seabed. Then we proceed to the Freewen village. Lunch will be served here. Some free time will allow us to explore the village or snorkling.

Our tour continues with the ride to "Pasir Timbul", a sand dune that emerge from the sea at low tide. We also have a chance to do snorkling in this breathtaking spot or just taking a photograph.
Before we conclude the journey, our speedboat will take us to Sawingray Village. In this village we could see lots of fish, a chance to feed them.

 *Rate is for per person



Tour notes

  • The tour guide may operate the tour in reserve order depending on sea conditions.
  • Kabui Bay is about 20 to 30 minutes from Raja Ampat Dive Lodge depending on weather and sea condition.
  • The stay in the bay will be approximity 2 hours.
  • At high tide, the Pasir Timbul might be not visible but we still have a chance to do snorkeling



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