Amazing Wayag Tour



DURATION 8 hours


Rising abruptly from the sea, small groups of uninhabited islands of Wayag form a spectacular panorama of jagged limestone cliffs that tower over tiny dome-shaped rocks topped with a wild profusion of tree and vines. Several distinctively shaped rock-island lie just outside lagoon.

Wayag Island is one of the islands within the Raja Ampat regency in the province of West Papua. The island is known for its beautiful atolls and amazing underwater life covering a total area of 155,000 hectares (about 383,013.3 acres). Here, you find pristine beaches with unique Karst islands that look like mushrooms sprouting out from the sea. Along these beaches, tourists can see fairy tale panorama, more captivating than Leonardo DiCaprio's getaway in "The Beach". The crystal clear waters around Wayag island appear like unreal windows to various types of flora and fauna that live
- Please be ready with your swimming suit as you will have chance to snorkling and also sun cream and hat to minimize sunburt.

Wayag island never ceases to amaze. Divers, especially, have been overwhelmed not only by the rich underwater displays but also by the panoramic beauty of the island as they climb up to its highest platform and observe coves and atolls around. It is a dream come true, truly a dream fulfilled.

After breakfast at our resort, we will start the tour using a speedboat with an experience pilot driver. The journey will take about two to three hours depending on sea conditions.

Arriving at Wayag, we have a chance to climb up to the top which would take approximately thirty to forty-five minutes.

For those who chose not to climb up, you ca just simply relax on the white sandy beach and admire the surrounding area with a fresh breeze.

*Rate is for per person

Tour notes

  • This tour involves extensive climbing to hilltop at least forty five degree steppness on sharp and hard coral rocks, therefore a climbing shoes is a must to wear. The top platform is only enough for 15 people, there will be some time to wait on the beach until the platform is empty.
  • The stay in Wayag will be approximity 3 hours but also subject to change depending on sea condition.
  • Lunch box will be served on the beach of Wayag.
  • Please be ready with your swimming suit as you will have chance to snorkeling and also sun cream and hat to minimize



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