Reeforest Spa.Yoga is envisioned as a gift from mother nature. Built stilt imposing half-moon structure to gently melt with the environment of being in between blue reef and green forest. Eco is our breath. Much of the interior is handpicked from reclaimed woods and materials. Air breeze is well planned to free flow from every corner to avoid use of air-conditioner. All waste runs to land through 65m of piping and managed with bio-fill system. It is crafted with skill and love for a total of seven months collaborating local wisdom and our expertise.

It is the dream of the founder, Kirtya and Reno, to have this spa be part of Raja Ampat Dive Lodge living vision.

Our Spa Treatment Menu :

Reeforest Massage | 60 minutes 
Deriving from traditional Indonesian massage techniques to renew, strengthen and heal the body and mind. The massage applies stretching, effleurage, palm and thumb pressure technique to cach part of the body to relieve tension, improve circulation and created feeling of well-being. Ingredients include body oil combined with sweet almond,virgin coconut and spice essential oils to warm he body.
 Reflexology Massage | 60 minutes
An ancient healing therapy, blissul as it is beneficial. Reflexology works on the principle that all body organs and connected to reflex points in the feet, via constantly flowing energy channels. Massaging these reflex points will improvie well-being by restoring natural body energy flow. Combine with refreshing natural foot cream.
Aromatherapy Massage | 90 minutes
A relaxing massage that combines Swedish, Shiatsu, Indonesian and Acupressure technique using your choice of body oil, and finished with a soothing mini face massage. This massage is developed to allow you to have total relaxation.
Foot Massage | 30 minutes
A relaxing foot massage, long strokes and friction movements from sole to upper calf, relaxing tired feet.
Back and Shoulder | 30 minutes
A relaxing back and shoulders massage, this massage focuses on shoulders and upper back to relax the muscles, ease tension and smoothen the wrinkles from your mood.
Choice of Body Wraps, Energixe Herbal Bath | 60 minutes
1. Spicy, a traditional Balinese receipe of spicy herbs with ground rice, giving waring and energizing effect.
2. Aloevera after Sun gel, a body wrap designed for sun-burn skin. Aloe base fused with Lavender and Geranium essential oil. Cooling and relaxing the skin.
3. Mask of the Day, our spa provide fresh ingredients according to the season. Ask the spa therapist for more information.
Choice of Body Scrubs, Energize Herbal Bath | 60 minutes
1. Sandalwood Lulur, a skin exfoliation using turmeric and sandalwood powder fused with sandalwood essential oil. Relaxing and soothing the skin.
2. Green Tea, a skin exfoliation using green tea powder fused with citrus essential oil. For skin antioxidant and de-aging effect.
3. Scrub of the Day, our spa provide fresh ingredients according to the season. Ask the spa therapist for more information.
All treatments are perfected with Energize Herbal Bath and applying serenity body lotion rich to moisturize your skin.

*Spa treatment is to be arrange and confirm on the spot at the resort 

*Please contact us for price




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