Total quality is perfectly ok.
Thanks for everything, especially diving guide (Rico).
All the help with good heart.
Big thanks …

Etsuko Katsuyama (Dec 30, 2012 – Jan 5, 2013)

Thank you for your kind services.

Takako Takahashi (Dec 30, 2012 – Jan 5, 2013)

Great location with beautiful beach.
Cozy bungalow, very clean.
Good food and nice service at the restaurant.
Unigue diving sites and diversity.

Georges Boudron (Dec 21 – Jan 4, 2013)

Nice lodge in paradise. All staff, keep smile.
I have great time in Raja Ampat because I stay in right place.
BTW, you have great staff in Dive Center : helpful and joyful
See you when I see you

Junaidi Joepoet (Dec 18 – 23, 2012 - www.ranselkosong.com)

RADL. The view is stunning, beyond words. Great location and well accommodate people.
Do keep the place exciting, clean, well maintained.
Your hospitality is truly appreciated.
Keep up great job.

Indarto Sutardi (Dec 18 – 23, 2012 - L'Oreal Paris Indonesia)

RADL. Lodge dengan nuansa Bali. Tempat yang nyaman, tenang dan tidak ada kebisingan.damai dan bersahabat.
Pelayanan yang ramah dan kru yang professional. Thanks.
Raja Ampat. Dunia mimpi yang akhirnya jadi nyata. Mimpi untuk menikmati cuilan surga yang terendam di dasar laut ujung Barat tanah Papua dimulai saat ini…Indahnya.
Salam konservasi…

Ucu yana Arbi (Dec 18 – 23, 2012 - National Geographic)

Komentar saya Cuma satu : RAJA AMPAT JUARA. Ke Raja Ampat itu ibarat naik haji.
Puncak dan destinasi selam Indonesia. TOP BANGET.
RADL paling suka sama tempatnya. Pelayanannya baik.
Makanannya enak. Paling suka dengan kentang gorengnya. Salam buat kokinya.

Muhammad Zamroni (Dec 18 – 23, 2012 - National Geographic)

Raja Ampat Dive Lodge Awesome ! Relaxing lodge with good food.
Kamarnya juga bagus. Under water explore :Breath taking.. Jawara..

Husni Mubarak Zainal (Dec 18 – 23, 2012 - National Geographic)

Everybody was very friendly and helpful. We enjoy the delicious and the beautiful area. Many thanks for the wonderful vacation.
Raja Ampat is definitely a place to recommend.

Hans Peter Stucki (Dec 14 – 20, 2012)

Thank you, all I can say is to Raja Ampat Dive Lodge is wow !! friendly people, good food and comfortable rooms. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Daniel Lechti

We enjoy our stay very much. We like the small resort which is suitable for the environment. The food is excellent and also the diving was superb. The whole staff is very helpful and friendly.

Ruth & Christian Widemar ( Dec 12 – 20, 2012)

Excellent food. Friendly staff. Nice rooms. Top dive gear. Friendly and competent of dive guide and boat crew. We very much enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere

Andreas P. Neiderer ( Dec 14 – 20 , 2012)

Great Holiday, enjoyed your accommodation and wonderful diving.
Everyone very friendly, welcoming and helpful.

Lyn Jacobs (Nov 24 – 30, 2012)

Our stay at RADL had been a pleasure. Everything has worked very smoothly, from the pick-up to Sorong through the whole stay. All the staff is very friendly, accommodating and solution oriented.
All the rest, the food, staff at restaurant, dive guides and cleaning personnel (and all the others we don't see) have been excellent. I will definetly recommend RADL to all my friends and family.

Ms Felicia Lund (Nov 16 – 30, 2012)

I had a most enjoyable stay. The room well equipped clean and comfortable the staff throughout the resort are very friendly and helpfully. Food was varied of excellent , a good mix of Asian & Western all are well prepared. In short, a most comfortable staying. I will be back.

Adrian Stracey (Nov 24 – 30, 2012)

Excellent resort & accommodation superb diving. Friendly staff,

Andrea and Graham Harvey (Nov 24 – 30, 2012)

Food excellent, rooms clean and comfortable (hot water pressure a bit low). Setting and layout of lodge is beautiful and staff are very friendly and efficient. We will recommend the lodge to our friends.

Jim & Edwina Hagan (Nov 23 – 30, 2012)

Generally the resort is clean. Orderly. Our rooms, the lobby and the restaurants. The staff are friendly and helpful. Dive facilities are good. Our dive guide Jemmy is very experienced. The place is very quite, very natural. Our Guide is very efficient and professional.

Joseph Rodas (Nov 19 – 23, 2012)

Clean at any places. Good services at airport, transportation and lodge especially restaurant. All employers are very kindness.

Makato Awakihara ( Nov 19 – 12, 2012)

Dear Raja Ampat Dive Lodge Team, We thank you very much for this really nice holidays. We enjoyed the stay here very much. The staff is very nice !! Makanan enak !! A small wish !!! nuts for the afternoon

Britta & Frank Werner (Nov 16 – 23, 2012)

Pelayanan umumnya bagus.

Henry Yosodiningrat (Nov 07 – 09, 2012)

We spent here a couple of days after our safari to Misool. RADL is very well located, nice silent place, with a bit of sandy beach. Rooms are perfect, staffs smiling. What more do we need to be happy ? Only nice dives and we also got it. We (11 people group from Poland) Wish you All the best ...

Gregorz ( Nov 4 – 8, 2012)

There was very good. Room was Ok.
Aircondition OK. Good service.
Diving was perfect.

Elzbieta rosinska – Sledz ( Nov 02 – 09, 2012)

Everything was beautiful ! we will never forget these days that we spent here. Good service, polite people, smile. Everything make this place magic. Good food, drink,..I hope
I'll be back here..Thank you

Ursula – ( Nov 02 – 09, 2012)

This was excellent week for me and the rest of the group. Thank you for your hospitality and high standard of service, special thanks for Richard and his professionalizm with showing fishes and guiding the group. I definitely recommend Raja Ampat Dive Lodge for all divers.

Krzysetof Norowski (Nov 2 – 9, 2012)

Accomodation, diving, staff and food were very good ! Also everybody was very nice to us and Rico a very good guide.
Thanks a lot and maybe .... !!!

Jorris Visser and Lieke Van Barren ( Nov 2 – 9, 2012)

We enjoyed our stay in RADL very much. The staff did everything they can to ensure that we are comfortable and looked after. The dive sites are amazing. The dive crew wonderful and friendly and fun. The chef is wonderful, and the kitchen staff and the restaurant staff. We feel very well taken care of. It would be long to list the individual names, but everyone of the staff members is pleasant, friendly and helpful, thank you. Best of Luck to RADL.

Mark & Fata (Oct 29 – Nov 09, 2012)

Food : Excellent, stay same
Service : Excellent, very friendly and stay, same.
Housekeeping : Excellent, stay the same
Management : Friendly, open.
Friendly and helpful. Stay the same. Thank you.
Feel safe while diving, had a lot of fun joking with you and sharing the bubbles.

Erick Vuilleme ( 26 October – 03 november 2012)

Everything was OK
Foods is excellent
Need more stock for
Room is OK
Hope come back again

Masako Suzuki (October 2012)

Dear all at R.A.D.L,
Thank you very much for making our stay here so wonderful. This place is beautiful and you guys are all very friendly. I wish you all well, take care.

Victoria Brown & Max Makhoul (Oct 01 – 08, 2012)

Thanks for such an amazing time!!

Leo Caporali (Oct 01 – 08, 2012)

I fell in love with this place as soon as I arrived...
Then we met the staff and I loved it even more!! Amazing staff!!! Very friendly, great diving, clean rooms and very peaceful. Thank you all dive lodge staff!! I LOVE YOU!
Goodbye and see you again one day!!

Carlo Makhoul (Oct 01 – 08, 2012)

Love the place! Friendly and helpful staff!

Levente Rozsahegyi (Sep 21 – 28, 2012)

Farewell my new friends. I had such a great time with you. I will miss you all. See you next year. xoxo.

Michele Susan Rogers (Sep 01 – 07, 2012)

Thank you for everything!! Raja Ampat is a magical place in the water. Thank you for the staffs.

Takayo Oshima (Aug 17 – 31, 2012)

This is paradise. The only problem is that you will want to come back again and again. Thank you very much to everybody. A fantastic team of smiles.

Magdalena Semerak & Paolo Ascoli (Aug 17 – 31, 2012)

We had a wonderful time diving and staying at RADL! Thank you everyone for taking such good care of Lucas!! (and of me and Mike). Will be back!

Diana, Mike & Lucas (Aug 24 – 31, 2012)

Unforgetable nice memories with beautiful people!! Thanks a lot.

Prof. Dr. Hisayoshi Mitsuda (Aug 10 – 17, 2012)

Dearest RADL,
We had an enjoyable stay here. The resort is beautiful, tranguil and perfect place for a retreat from home. Thank you for being so accomodating with our gastronomic requests. Our meals here were very satisfying! Our two days of stay here are simply too short. Would love to take a longer holiday here again in future. Thank you for the hospitality, and we will be back again some day! Xoxo

Paul Ng & group (Aug 08 – 11, 2012)

Thanks to everyone for an absolutely memorable week. Your kindness and smiles have touched me. Fantastic resort! Fantastic people and fantastic diving. Raja Ampat rocks!!!

Michael Stalvey (July 27 – Aug 03, 2012)

The best diving on the planet!!! Also the best dive guides and best food! Yum, yum!! We were overwhelmed, mesmerized, thrilled and had a wonderful time. Only hope we have the opportunity to do it again in this life. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Suzanne Leesoyn & David Vicker (July 13 - 20, 2012)

Thank you so much. Terima kasih. The ultimate diving vacation! Your beautiful island is indeed paradise in warm, clear, beautiful ocean filled with exotic critters. And your staff is absolutely the BEST! My dream vacation. We hope to return soon!

Kathy & Clarck Soave (July 06 - 13, 2012)

Thank you!
We had a great stay, thank you for looking after us, this trip was absolutely fantastic

Clare and Azon (June 28 – July 3, 2012)

Brilliant time, best ever, both diving and overall stay, great staff, friendly and professional. Wish we had another week or month.

Lian Kiley (April 20 – 27, 2012)

Hello, the resort was wonderful, services and food was great

Bret Weldone (March 28, 2012)

Dear Mr. Nirmala,
Thank you for a wonderfull holiday. The room was nice and always clean, the restaurant was always very good (lecker), your crew has always helpful and was so friendly. You have a very good diving crew and 'kapten', they are so professional, find so wonderful diving places and shows me so many things, it was the first time for me to see and I dive for 38 years Thank you for everything

Manfred Hubes (March 9, 2012)

We had a wonderful holiday and enjoyed them really; all of the staff was very kind and helpful. We also had fantastic dives, wonderful marine life!
But the lodge; very comfortable and nice
Like to come again!
All the best and keep so friendly

Kanin Hasmiller (March 03 – 16, 2012)

We have had wonderful holidays at 'Raja Ampat Dive Lodge', very nice and friendly hostage. The staff have done their best to make all of our wishes come true.
We were 6, so we have enjoyed the very good service, the dining was marvelous and breath taken and the guides make it unforgettable for us. They have showed us lots of things, from pygmy – seahorses until turtles.
Thank you very much!

Dagnar Ferdinand and Vincent Fortuin (March 03 – 16, 2012)

Wonderful staffs, dive masters are excellent, kind and very helpful. Our room was comfortable and clean.
Thank you very much!

Dagnar Ferdinand and Vincent Fortuin (March 03 – 16, 2012)

Excellent diving, the staff were always smiling and helpful!

David Rosenzveig (Feb 24, 2012)

Dive crews were very good!

Gillman (Feb 24, 2012)

Thank you for an excellent stay, the room was kept clean and tidy, the food was great and the service was always with a smile. Diving was excellent, thanks to the crew and dive guides. Thanks to Pablo, Aran and the 'captain'

Paul McGregor (Feb 17 – 24, 2012)

Excellent, we really enjoyed our stay, good foods, dive guides and boat crew looked after us very well

Jane Kempler (Feb 17, 2012)

No suggestion, as we are happy with the services provided, friendly staffs, good dive masters, terrific meals especially the spicy one, friendly accommodation and wonderful diving
Thanks to all, we look forward to dive with you again in the future

Sharon Pye –Finch & Paul Jodoin (Feb 10 – 24, 2012)

Kamarnya nyaman, makanannya juga superb, ambience-nya juara dan staff – staffnya sangat membantu dan ramah – ramah. Unforgettable 1st visit at RADL, hopefully we will be back here soon

Ariane Rumangkang – Trans TV (Feb 02 – 04, 2012)

First, I must say the diving and the dive operations are excellent, the accommodation and the foods are great, so generally we are very happy with our stay and believe that this the best value of money that we've ever spent.

Chew Kim Moong (Jan 20, 2012)

Clean room, good service. Choice between van + air condition

Jeannette Schonebeck – (January 2012)

Dear Raymond, Dear Staff,
Thank you for your nice lodge, and for your nice job. We have seen that you are a new and young team, and you try to make your job best as possible. Thank you for that special thank for chef and nice meals. See you,

Dennis & Andreas

No suggestions as happy and content with services provided. Friendly staff , good dive masters, terrific meals especially the spicing, friendly & accommodating servers, wonderful diving & nice accommodations. Thanks to all. We look forward to diving with this company again in the future.

Sharon Pye-Finch & Paul Jodail (February 10 – 24, 2012)

Excellent. We really enjoyed our stay. Good Food. Dive guides & boat crew looked after us very well.

Jane Kempler - (February 10 – 24, 2012)

Clean room, good service, air conditioned and water refilling

Jeannette Schnobeck (Jan 2012)

Dear staff,
Thank you for your nice lodge and for your nice job, we have seen that you are new and young team and you are trying to make your job as best as it possible and thank you for that. Special thank you for the chef for the wonderful meals!

Dennis (Jan 2012)